Centro Caseario Cansiglio

Naturalmente Biologico

Our Casera e Ricotta Bio winner in Europa!

On international fair Biofach of Nurnberg First place for our cheese Casera Bio (organic) Cansiglio e Third place for the Ricotta Bio.


Raw milk cheese Cru

formaggio cru a latte crudo

"Cru is a diary that writes in its taste the change of seasons"

Cru cheese is a creation of the Centro Caseario ed Agrituristico Plateau Tambre Spert Cansiglio it's made by raw milk cheese and it has a unique taste.

Careful processing of organic raw milk and a precise choice of flavor make a unique cheese.

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The Agrituristico Cansiglio Center offers a program divided into three different proposals, which combine the tranquility of a holiday in contact with nature the opportunity to experience the history and the local reality, discover our farm with comfortable rooms and bar white with the popular restaurant.

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numeri uteli

bar bianco tel

Bar Bianco / Agriturismo

0438 581082

agriturismo tel


0437 439722


budoia tel

Bar Bianco Budoia

334 3844253




Milk and cheese, certified organic products

The products of the Dairy Centre are made only from the milk of our herd of organic agriculture.

The animals are kept in compliance with the natural rhythms and fed with food exclusively from organic cultivation.

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The Company


The Agrituristico Tambre-Spert-Cansiglio Center is a cooperative founded by the will of the State Forestry Corps in 1970 for the breeding of cattle breeds selected. The business has grown over the years, respecting the environment and traditions, and even today the cattle are fed only natural foods, pasture in summer and winter in the stables.

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